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Cardies' first loss of the season drops them to third in division 1, while Monks' and Hearts' wins with full house bonus move them up to first and second respectively. FFP? & Eccies continue to lead the way in division 2, though the latter just can't buy a full house this season! In division 3, another superb win keeps Misfits in top spot.
Results, tables, quizzes, full score sheets plus round-ups: Div 1 - Div 2 - Div 3.

The 2016-17 President's Cup got off to a cracking start today with some excellent scores across the board. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sussex and Westminster, who have dominated the competition for years, announced their intentions straightaway with maximum points, and sit atop the table separated by a single match point!
Results, table, quizzes, full score sheets plus round-up: here.

The October Quizzing Grand Prix will be held at a number of regional venues, including two in London. Most future Grand Prix will include London venues, so it should now be much easier (and cheaper) to participate. The London venues are The Warrington Hotel in Maida Vale and The Tabard in Chiswick.
Further information here and here.

QLL's fifth annual Open Buzzer Quiz Tournament took place on Sat 17 Sep at
St. Paul’s School in Barnes.

Broken Hearts won the Cup, Gray Monks the Plate and M Bugs the Spoon.
Full round-up, question sets, detailed results and stats are available here.

With champions and runners-up already decided last week, which of the next six teams would take finish third? Last week's third-placed East of Sweden could manage only two points from both matches, allowing Spanish Inquizition's two wins to lift them into third. At the other end, Greece is the Word's win left French Letters holding the wooden spoon.
Quizzes here, detailed results plus round-up: here.

New teams / individuals are always welcome to join the Quiz League of London. No experience necessary!

Although the 2016-17 season has already started, we'd still love to hear from you! If you're interested, please go here.

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1Gray Monks440022218339319
2Broken Hearts440021418628218
10Mealy Bugs4004169208-3922
1Fit For Purpose?440020815553319
3Grinling Gibbons43011701619113
5In the Lion of Fire4202164189-2508
7Sons o' Dessert4112160156417
8Ceefax the Hoop4022165181-1615
9Banana Splits4013161175-1424
10Sons Arising4004149185-3600
2Fray Bentos43011631576113
4Thread Vietnam430116614917012
5Sir C. Campbell4202165159619
6Park Exiles4202159169-1008
8Gnus on a Raft4103149158-915
9Royal Sunset4103140177-3715
CMoldova Beethoven22190314631279184783
2MDQ San Marino2215071369131059868
3Spanish Inquizition221201013411321201159
4Vulgar Bulgars22130913251339-14658
5Aladdin Spain221011113371284531355
6East of Sweden2211110133313312854
7Think It's Moldova22911213221356-341654
8Greeks Bearing Fists22911212731297-241452
9Artist Azerbaijan221011113651382-17648
10I N Liechtenstein22811312591340-81640
11Greece is the Word22511613371407-701739
12French Letters22711413041382-78838