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The August Quizzing Grand Prix will be held at a number of regional venues, including two in London. Most future Grand Prix will include London venues, so it should now be much easier (and cheaper) to participate. The London venues are The Truscott Arms in Maida Vale and The Tabard in Chiswick.
Further information here and here.

Annual General Meeting Annual General Meeting
QLL's 2016 Annual General Meeting took place on Tue 19 July at The Truscott Arms. A full report will be available shortly but, in the meantime, the subscriptions for next season's team competitions (unchanged from last season) are now due - registration form here. Please note that the provision of food at Winter League fixtures is now optional on a team-by-team basis.

What a difference a week makes! After last week, Moldova Beethoven and East of Sweden were tied at the top on 18 points but there's now a whopping 10-point gap between them after Moldova took maximum points from last night's matches and Sweden nary a one. Despite that, East of Sweden are still in second place!
Quizzes here, detailed results plus round-up here.

QLL Summer Social & Quizfest Summer Social & Quizfest
Unfortunately, due to the short-notice unavailability of The Crown and our not being able to resouce another venue in time, it is with regret that we announce that this year's Summer Social & Quizfest has been cancelled.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The QLL committee has approved a new Code of Conduct for those participating in and attending any QLL-related activity. It underlines the broad standards of behaviour that are expected of people participating in the league's business. The committee will propose that this Code of Conduct be incorporated into the league's constitution at the forthcoming AGM.

QLL's fifth annual Open Buzzer Quiz Tournament will take place on Sat 17 Sep at St. Paul’s School in Barnes. We are delighted to announce that we have been able expand the field to 30 teams, so the 5 reserve teams who registered previously are now able to play. However, you may still register to be a reserve team by emailing your details here. Full details of the event are available here.

New teams / individuals are always welcome to join the Quiz League of London. No experience necessary! The 2016 Summer Friendly League begins in July and is a great way to learn our brand of team quizzing in a (slightly!) less competitive environment than the regular league, which resumes in late September.
If you're interested in joining in, please go here.

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1Moldova Beethoven660041234666428
2East of Sweden6402356367-11218
3Greeks Bearing Fists63123693681418
4MDQ San Marino640239136724117
5Vulgar Bulgars64023813792117
6Spanish Inquizition630339037911416
7Aladdin Spain630337136011416
8I N Liechtenstein6303361368-7315
9Think It's Moldova6213372379-7414
10Greece is the Word6114373382-9612
11French Letters6105361401-4037
12Artist Azerbaijan6015359400-4157
CBroken Hearts181413967879881876
2Gray Monks181314951874771468
7Mealy Bugs186210863880-171038
RFit For Purpose?185211864912-481236
3Grinling Gibbons18112578876325755
4Banana Splits18110777375419650
6Sons o' Dessert1882877075911440
8Sons Arising185211715794-79529
RThread Vietnam183213725798-73622
RRoyal Sunset182016673808-135513
CCeefax the Hoop181602831680151569
PIn the Lion of Fire181305790673117759
3Sir C. Campbell18130577268983355
4Park Exiles18110772669630448
9Mint Imperials186111634729-95026
10London Scottish182016559766-20719