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COVID guidance

We're looking forward to seeing so many of you in person at pubs over the next few weeks. While our in-person reunions will be joyous, we also recognize that there are varying degrees of comfort with being around groups of people - especially as the government has recommended minimising the number, proximity and duration of social contacts while prevalence is high.

Our ultimate goal is to make the QLL a safe and welcoming space for the greatest number of people possible. We want to balance the interests of double-vaccinated players who have been going to pubs for weeks, and those players for whom the QLL will be the first major foray into the outside world. We also want to ensure we support London's local pubs - if they don't exist, we won't have any place to play in the future.

The committee has pulled together the following "common sense" risk mitigation guidance for players and teams.

Before you travel to a game

Please take a lateral flow test. These are free, and can be obtained at local high street pharmacies or from the government at the link above. They take less than five minutes to do and provide results within a half hour. Lateral flow tests are especially useful in picking up asymptomatic cases of COVID-19.

If you're showing symptoms, test positive, or have been contacted by NHS Track and Trace via the email, phone or the app, please stay at home and do not travel to a game.

Under the current guidance, those who test positive with an LFT are advised to take a PCR test to find a more accurate result.

If you've been diagnosed with an underlying medical condition that has caused you to shield in the past, please read the Government's guidance on protecting yourself post-July 19 to determine if there are any additional steps required to protect yourself before returning to the pub.

Arriving at the venue

Under the current Government guidance, different venues may have different rules and guidelines in place (eg checking in at entry, ordering drinks via an app vs at the bar.) QLL depends on the goodwill of its venues, so it is essential that you should, at a minimum, respect each pub's requirements. If you are not sure what these are, please ask the staff.

When you arrive at the venue, please open the windows in your quizzing room to ensure that the space is well ventilated.

When arranging the setup in each room, please create a quizzing space that is as socially distanced as possible. It may require making the main table longer than usual. Try to stagger the chairs slightly so you don't have two players directly facing (and breathing) on one another.

Similarly, ensure the chairs for spectating are as widely spaced as possible.

Be mindful of other people's comfort levels when interacting with them - we're all excited to see each other, but not everyone may want to hug / shake hands. Just ask first.

During the quiz

Based on the size of the venue and the ability to socially distance in the room, non-participating players may consider excusing themselves to a bar's main area or outdoor space, rather than remaining crammed in a room where social distancing is not possible.

Players are entitled to remain masked while quizzing. If answers are hard to hear from someone wearing a mask, ask them to repeat as necessary.

QMs should distance themselves more than 1m and ideally 2m from players or if not possible wear a mask whilst reading.

What about masks?

Some of the information in this section has been covered above, but we want to address specific questions about masks:

Current government requirements do not mandate the use of masks indoors from the 19 of July. However, the government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas.

Teams should follow any mask policies established by the venue (e.g. they might require masks to be worn when ordering from the bar).

If not covered by the policy of the venue, players may wish to consider wearing masks when they are in crowded areas with a lot of strangers (waiting at the bar, moving through the venue, going to the toilet) as per the government's current guidance.

While players are able to judge their own level of comfort with quizzing in pubs, there may be a rare situation where it would be good form to wear a mask to protect others while quizzing if you wouldn't normally (e.g. you've been coughing and sneezing due to allergies from pollen in a pub garden).

One final reminder: please be considerate of other quizzers and the patrons and staff of our venues.

While legal requirements changed on July 19th, the government guidance is still recommending specific measures (well-ventilated areas, frequent hand-washing, and the use of masks in crowded indoor areas) to reduce the spread of COVID. Please focus on what you can do to protect yourself and others, not just on what is mandated.

At the same time, please respect the choices of others, and don't assume that everyone has the same level of comfort or the same level of caution that you do.

While the Committee hopes that players will be able to resolve concerns that arise at venues, any issues should be flagged for Mark Cooper.

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