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Bottoms Rock

(team secretary in bold)

Current squad stats

Show allP (20)WDLPtsAvg2s2sA1s1sA10+MaxMinReadScored
Komal Badiani120012836.92302.50231.92311110
Will Gosnold8017739.13192.38354.38313600
Roly Grant60156110.17213.50193.17511800
Jon Hegerty51046412.80193.80265.205151100
Amy Johnson6105406.67132.17142.33112310
Laura Kwong6006538.83193.17152.50214600
Mikey Livingstone100010787.80272.70242.40211304
Phil Meikle121110756.25282.33191.5809310
Ahmed Mohamed6006305.00122.0061.0007200
Shanine Salmon81078410.50263.25324.00515613

(figures in brackets = starting scores in Cup & Plate matches)

Forthcoming fixtures

bold = went first - * = full house
Show allCompVenueTimeHome teamScoreResAway team
26 Sep 23D4ATrinity 20:00Bottoms Rock40 - 20WStarfish
03 Oct 23D4ATrinity 20:00Bottoms Rock32 - 42LQuizzard's Sleeve
10 Oct 23D4ABell 20:00Common People43 - 35LBottoms Rock
17 Oct 23D4ATrinity 20:00Bottoms Rock36 - 39COptimists
24 Oct 23D4AKings Head 20:00Outcasts37 - 27LBottoms Rock
31 Oct 23D4AClapham North 20:00Chocolate Fireguards47* - 31LBottoms Rock
07 Nov 23D4ATrinity 20:00Bottoms Rock37 - 42LPeriodically Tabled
14 Nov 23D4ATrinity 20:00Bottoms Rock23 - 48*LChocolate Fireguards
21 Nov 23D4ADuke of Sussex 20:00Quizzard's Sleeve41 - 37LBottoms Rock
28 Nov 23D4AKings Head 20:00Starfish39 - 29LBottoms Rock
09 Jan 24D4ACart and Horses 20:00Optimists44 - 37*L*Bottoms Rock
16 Jan 24D4ATrinity 20:00Bottoms Rock30 - 47*LCommon People
23 Jan 24D4AWhite Swan 20:00Periodically Tabled47 - 35LBottoms Rock
30 Jan 24D4ATrinity 20:00Bottoms Rock38 - 42LOutcasts
06 Feb 24D4ITrinity 20:00Bottoms Rock35 - 38*CHard Hat
13 Feb 24D4IWhite Swan 20:00Bishop's Fist37 - 31LBottoms Rock
20 Feb 24D4IFountains Abbey 20:00Hydra27 - 27DBottoms Rock
27 Feb 24D4ITrinity 20:00Bottoms Rock30 - 41LArrows Impossibility
12 Mar 24LCSpread Eagle 20:00Misfits (8)72 - 59LBottoms Rock (30)
19 Mar 24LPBetjeman Arms 20:00Bottoms Rock (30)52 - 61LGnus on a Raft (16)

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1Bastilling the Win000000000
3Eiffel Dour000000000
4Eiffel For Quiz000000000
5Full Haussmann000000000
6Gare d'Austerquiz000000000
7Hot 4 Lutetia000000000
8In Seine Guesses000000000
10Kylian Mmmboppé000000000
11Le Poing Neuf000000000
12Left Bank Legends000000000
13Les Inrocks000000000
14Live Laugh Louvre000000000
15Louvre Factually000000000
16Lustig's Losers000000000
17Madame de Stompadour000000000
19None Right in Paris000000000
20Orly Connect000000000
21Paris Jackson000000000
23Rue McClanahan000000000
24SorBonne Réponse000000000
25Spair Pairs000000000
27Unbalanced Pairis000000000

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