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Grinling Gibbons

(team secretary in bold)

Current squad stats

PlayerP (12)WDLPtsAvg2s2sA1s1sA10+MaxMinQM
Deborah Boyle6204427.00152.50122.0011050
Chris Bryant000000.0000.0000.000000
Lucy Cane100144.0022.0000.000440
Emily Cooper9207869.56313.44242.6731550
Paul Davis000000.0000.0000.000000
Paul Emerson5203346.80112.20122.4011050
Amy Godel000000.0000.0000.000000
Alex Gordon100155.0011.0033.000550
Gabriel Hawkins-Pottier7205568.00213.00142.0021150
Simon Koppel72058612.29314.43243.4351783
Helen Lippell940511312.56364.00414.5681881
Sam Phillips100188.0022.0044.000880
Sam Waizeneker2200126.0042.0042.000840

(figures in brackets = starting handicaps in cup & plate)

Forthcoming fixtures

DateCompVenueTimeHome teamScoreResAway team
28 Sep 21D3Royal Oak20:00Grinling Gibbons37 - 35WBarb
05 Oct 21D3Royal Oak20:00Grinling Gibbons35 - 52*LSons Arising
12 Oct 21D3Hope20:00Banana Splits44 - 41CGrinling Gibbons
19 Oct 21D3Royal Oak20:00Grinling Gibbons44 - 32WGnus on a Raft
26 Oct 21D3Hope20:00Park Exiles41 - 39CGrinling Gibbons
02 Nov 21D3Lady Ottoline20:00In the Lion of Fire44 - 41CGrinling Gibbons
09 Nov 21D3Royal Oak20:00Grinling Gibbons32 - 46LBangkok Bad Boys
16 Nov 21D3Royal Oak20:00Grinling Gibbons36 - 34WGrapefruit
23 Nov 21D3Duke of Sussex20:00Greengage49 - 40LGrinling Gibbons
30 Nov 21D3Duke of Sussex20:00Barb35 - 38WGrinling Gibbons
18 Jan 22LCBishop's Finger20:00Grinling Gibbons (24)60 - 66LMisfits (8)
25 Jan 22LPDuke of Sussex19:45Pineapple (14)58 - 54LGrinling Gibbons (24)
01 Feb 22D3Royal Oak20:00Grinling GibbonsTime: 20:00 In the Lion of Fire
08 Feb 22D3Cross Keys20:00Bangkok Bad BoysTime: 20:00 Grinling Gibbons
15 Feb 22D3White Swan20:00GrapefruitTime: 20:00 Grinling Gibbons
22 Feb 22D3Sheephaven Bay20:00Grinling GibbonsTime: 20:00 Greengage
01 Mar 22D3Kings Head20:00Sons ArisingTime: 20:00 Grinling Gibbons
08 Mar 22D3Royal Oak20:00Grinling GibbonsTime: 20:00 Banana Splits
15 Mar 22D3Cross Keys20:00Gnus on a RaftTime: 20:00 Grinling Gibbons
22 Mar 22D3Royal Oak20:00Grinling GibbonsTime: 20:00 Park Exiles

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