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The Duke of Sussex

TeamsBarb, Fit For Purpose?, Greengage, Summer Friendly League
Address23 Baylis Road, London SE1 7AY
Telephone020 3637 6121
MapGoogle maps
TubeLambeth North (0.2m), Waterloo (0.3m), Southwark (0.3m)
RailWaterloo (0.2m), Waterloo East (0.3m), Elephant & Castle (0.7m)
Bus59, 76, 341
DirectionsOn the corner of Baylis Road and Coral Street.

Forthcoming fixtures

Date Time Comp Home team Score Away team
05 Jul 20:00 SG Kneel Before Zog   Queen Lathreefists
05 Jul 20:30 SG Queen Lathreefists   Queens Fuller Gambit
05 Jul 21:00 SG Queens Fuller Gambit   Kneel Before Zog
05 Jul 20:00 SS Abolitionists   Princess Michael
05 Jul 20:30 SS Princess Michael   Wins? Or, Not!
05 Jul 21:00 SS Wins? Or, Not!   Abolitionists
12 Jul 20:00 SG Bhumi-BoL2   Queen Lathreefists
12 Jul 20:30 SG Queen Lathreefists   Canutellmethis?
12 Jul 21:00 SG Canutellmethis?   Bhumi-BoL2
12 Jul 20:00 SS QuizTeam&TheQueens   Wins? Or, Not!
12 Jul 20:30 SS Wins? Or, Not!   Regina George
12 Jul 21:00 SS Regina George   QuizTeam&TheQueens
19 Jul 20:00 SG Canutellmethis?   Malcolm Ken More
19 Jul 20:30 SG Malcolm Ken More   Queens Fuller Gambit
19 Jul 21:00 SG Queens Fuller Gambit   Canutellmethis?
19 Jul 20:00 SS HouseOfPlantagen8   The Civil Fist
19 Jul 20:30 SS The Civil Fist   Wins? Or, Not!
19 Jul 21:00 SS Wins? Or, Not!   HouseOfPlantagen8
26 Jul 20:00 SG The Prince Alberts   Malcolm Ken More
26 Jul 20:30 SG Malcolm Ken More   Queen Lathreefists
26 Jul 21:00 SG Queen Lathreefists   The Prince Alberts
26 Jul 20:00 SS Princess Michael   Regina George
26 Jul 20:30 SS Regina George   The Civil Fist
26 Jul 21:00 SS The Civil Fist   Princess Michael
02 Aug 20:00 SG Canutellmethis?   Off(aly) the Laois
02 Aug 20:30 SG Off(aly) the Laois   The Prince Alberts
02 Aug 21:00 SG The Prince Alberts   Canutellmethis?
02 Aug 20:00 SS Regina George   HouseOfPlantagen8
02 Aug 20:30 SS HouseOfPlantagen8   TJF
02 Aug 21:00 SS TJF   Regina George
09 Aug 20:00 SG Off(aly) the Laois   Kneel Before Zog
09 Aug 20:30 SG Kneel Before Zog   Malcolm Ken More
09 Aug 21:00 SG Malcolm Ken More   Off(aly) the Laois
09 Aug 20:00 SS Full House of York   HouseOfPlantagen8
09 Aug 20:30 SS HouseOfPlantagen8   Princess Michael
09 Aug 21:00 SS Princess Michael   Full House of York
16 Aug 20:00 SG Queen Lathreefists   Bet She Loves Brexit
16 Aug 20:30 SG Bet She Loves Brexit   Off(aly) the Laois
16 Aug 21:00 SG Off(aly) the Laois   Queen Lathreefists
16 Aug 20:00 SS Wins? Or, Not!   The Civil Fist
16 Aug 20:30 SS The Civil Fist   HouseOfPlantagen8
16 Aug 21:00 SS HouseOfPlantagen8   Wins? Or, Not!
23 Aug 20:00 SL TBC   TBC

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